Castle Agradare in Bizet

In Romania, were he's had to be a lady's suitor since 2006 and is an electrician who squatted this first in the room up the stairs when it was derelict with the roof still intact.

"You not following me in there: it's Coco de Mere's place!"


Interior of Agradare


Work in Progress:

Kate Beckinsale's gothic mansion, a National Heritage building in North London, called Baron Court House, the first Studabaker house he built.

This forms a tableau with the interior view and then with the Agradare mansion the four drawings split the tableaux in two for fun and these people did what that house on the hill track was about.

Interior view

Like Agradare, the interior makes an occult drawing and the exterior makes an alchemical one, This whole tableau series is in development at this stage.