Award from the London Arts Board


This silver and crystal award is of Esclaramonde D'Alion, the warrior princess, niece of the baroness as depicted in popular culture.

This has been awarded for making a deity, the lost angel Merce. The idea is proving that memory is stored in the unconscious mind and we all use this to make art. The person the statue is of, Miss Beckinsale, is chosen for this since she plays the vampire queen, the Soliliquent Celene, in the Underworld films and it can be her as the future she becomes in this. Her proportions have been worked out from her height 5.8ft tall and enlarged to 10ft, not double life size that would be 11.16 foot. This is because at 10ft the equation for the measurements are on a straight line since it then becomes 100 inches from the shoulder to the toes with the head fitting into the body seven times according to the anatomy because the neck measurement disappears making the head 10ft.

Esclaramonde D'Alion award

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I just discovered this making a 10ft being. The idea is that the lost angel Merce is one of the beings in Amazonian mythology this size (see Merce section). This all equated to easy manageable numbers to remember to make as the person larger than life due to the measurement 100 inches from the shoulder to the toes. This may be true then also of Michelangelo's David statue, but that's not to say that he had to be stupid to do this being dyslexic, they may just not have had any other device for working this out. It's me who is anyway dyslexic and has discovered this unconscious process making this alternate piece the idea because I don't have another device namely computer knowledge at my disposal.

This equation becomes an unconscious formula for capturing the person larger then life at 10 feet so that there is a reference point of the person’s proportions larger then life. Michael Angelo worked this out because you can’t make any mistakes with the marble statue when you start drilling holes to do the carving. So this is an unconscious process and is easy to make which shows that memory is stored in the unconscious and the calculations in inches become percentages of one hundred and are easy to remember and deal with to make the statue when there is no other device in 1650 when he made this statue. So the equation becomes a reference point of the person larger then life. I made some mistakes with my unconscious process I needed to fix some details of my metal statue but then you can do this. People complain about this but I had to straighten the forehead at the bridge of the nose and replace the ears and put eyebrows on with a galvanizing repair that is 98% zinc so this will age with the galvanizing. There was a shadow of the profile picture I used in the film the first underworld film that made the forehead round in to the bridge of the nose and you don’t see her ears as her hair always covers this until I found reference later of her ears. Changing these details doesn’t change the proportions that the equations for this concept is about because it is how many times the whole head fits in to the body. In any case the person the statue is of wants to own the piece because it is important to them since Freddie Mercury’s statue got taken down from the West End and he had a go at them on their greatest hits album Miss B. So we both want to leave it on the tower where it is perfectly situated in Southwark and lit up at night where everyone can see it. Michael Angelo’s David statue's idea is David who slew Goliath and he had an ancient statue of King David's head in Florence that he used as reference finding someone who looked like this with a super physique and made him as the statue and then made it the giant that he then became.

So the end result is that the statue becomes the virtual drawing in cyber-space as the metal piece that other artists now use to make actual people larger than life bronze or stone statues. This brings this 4th dimension into the 3rd dimension making the piece see-through for the invisible idea of the being, thereby capturing light and this is also the idea.


Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale receiving the new West End Company award at the British Film awards for best actress on 9th December 2016


Kate Beckinsale at Claridge's in Marchesa dress with Messika jewellery

Portrait of Kate Becks.


This is a ready-made found object that I have found for lady Susan, played by Kate Beckinsale in Love and Friendship, another lead role and is a glass head:

We have her in support of the poor Ukranian babes in the trench waiting for the onslaught.


Love and Friendship

A Jane Austen adaptation