The Light Series

1. The Three Graces

Clarris Cliff Antique

This antique of the three graces as these fantastic saloon ladies is to promote my three grace drawing series. These will be made from art-house sex DVDs and done as red, blue and green ladies in flat colour to make this graphic project a moving image, this is the idea. Like a film projector with these three coloured lights so the viewer imagines this movement and the beauty therein.


Pen and Ink for final flat colour graphic

This graphic has been commissioned by my muse Kate Beckinsale. It was to thank me for making the giant statue that she said I could do it and I must make it a drawing so she can reveal her breasts at last and then they would accept this since this is an art-work.

Valley Girl

Pencil Sketch

This is Daryll Hannah as the valley girl with the mystery guest. So the idea is that you can see the valley girl now, the chick, chick, chick in the valley and this will be done in pen and ink for the flat colour eventually and I'm bringing deep-edge shading into this as well now.

Artist with mystery guest

Early Sketch in Pencil


Further drawing from The Light Series are in Making Miss B.