[6ft, Oak] Angelina is a dryad whose home was a tree in Wales, though now she is homeless, because her tree has been cut down. This life-sized figure was sculpted from an oak tree that had been cut down in a local park.

Veronique / Vrye Weekblad S.A.

This is Veronique Malherbe, she is a film maker, who made a short film to promote condom use called Condom Man. She's also a fine artist, who I was with in the early 90's. She's very beautiful still to me and became my inspiration for the sculpture. I had made things of her in my early work, for example 'a change in the weather', but these small works needed to be life size and we've lost the concrete figure for this which has led to the accompanying mermaid lady now swimming next to the rocket installation. This piece became her for the same reason, that she is a sexy strong person and can be this supernatural idea. The wood carving idea is her initially as an example of the European view of these beings in Greek mythology the Dryads. These are high priestesses and can become a bird or a snake that exist in the sacred groves. So this one is the one in Celtic mythology "The Lady of the Waterfall". The idea is that the place has been destroyed and the ancient dwarf oaks have grown back again into big dwarf oak trees: ref bibliography - Celtic Myths and Legends, an A-Z of people and places, Mike Dixon - Kennedy ref - Efnisien. Blandford.

Since then the high priestess can no longer exist in her house the tree in question on the ridge (see charcoal drawing, Brody and Angelina Tree and Landing Strip). This has many wavy trunks now, not

the classical conical shape and the being has had to live in the cave behind the waterfall and has been misconstrued as the Lady of the Waterfall. So the result is that the piece is see-through, since you would see through the tree to the being in its house connecting to the universe in this pose and therefore the wood grain of the oak defines the form. This could then be seen as the missing tree piece for the invisible idea since it's the same size for a piece from the dwarf oak, the sculpture.

Veronique will be the first to tell us all, that it is all good for nothing this place. But it's the idea of its destruction that has now aqualessed and this could be the tree of life or the sacred tree of the pagans itself effectively. So the being is now free and it's her and this is the idea.

Veronique Portrait

She's on the run.

The Sculpture: