[Lifesize, Chair 5ft, Reclaimed Cedar wood construction. Work in Progress]




This statue of Kate Beckinsale is her as the Egyptian Queen Febes. The idea is that the housewife is addressing the elementals at night in her M&S nightie. She is a cyber machine and her husband has turned in. The pose is to suggest the queen addressing the complaining throng with her sceptre and it's fond. This is a large honeysuckle flower with a honey-bird drinking from the flask, this will be made in bronze. The other hand has an egg in-between her fingers ready to lob at the complaining throng who needs to understand she does get them. One may say how can this idea be real, but what if this queen is the artist's wife?

Work in Progress

If this idea of her being the artist wife is too much then at least Kate Becks gets to be the Egyptian queen, and can exist as Queen Febes. The whole piece is reclaimed cedar wood constructed with resin making this solid form a vestibule. It's quite rough, but will be sanded smooth for a silver leaf finish and the cyber design of the dress will be painted on for the seam-lines and rivets creating the cyber machine effect. This will be to spec with the diagram though I am making Egyptian jewellery for it as well and the fond will be a sceptre with a large honeysuckle flower and small honey-bird.

Front View

Kate the Great. Polished stainless steel eyes to create a mercurial look for the cyber machine idea.


Back view of figure

I haven't seen Miss Becks posing like this with her back so I have used some other reference of someone else, but I'm sure Miss Becks won't mind, she's very fine.