[Lifesize, 5ft 8inch, Crouching Figure, Wrought iron. Work in progress]



Marquette of Kate Beckinsale as Raven for the iridescence piece that is the magical bird character aspect.


Front view – Marquette iridescence


Head close up

Iridescence so far – With this wrought iron piece I am constructing the lips with weld. I have left my studio and am doing the finishing of all this new work at home where my studio space is now. So I may just get someone to finish this one for me and direct it.

Full figure picture ¾ view with red satin back drop

This 8 mm wrought iron structure will have 4 mm cladding horizontally on the skin areas not like the giant piece of the same person it goes with. So the cladding for the head, neck, arms, calves and feet will be horizontal and the dress will be longitudinal and made from translucent red wire 4mm tied with miniature cable ties for the magical bird idea. This is because it's the amorista (a mythological bird at Kew Gardens). The male has red fire tipped feathers and rainbow coloured crests of feathers.

The female is silvery, gold-speckled black. So the galvanizing along with the silver mirror-finished aluminium wings will show this female colouring. The fiery red plastic translucent wire for the cladding making the see-through dress is so this will be attractive for her mate as this mythological bird.


Spec for Iridescence

The figure will have polished mirror finish aluminium hair and feathers for the wings that will be riveted to the framework to make the angelic wing shape. The aluminium is quite feathery material. The longitudinal and latitudinal world globe as the base will also be wrought iron and will be tilted to create the axis.