Miss B

[Larger than Lifesize, 6ft, Wrought Iron, metal, plastic, wood - Work in Progress]

"This Place is Flaming Cracking Up. Let's Dump the Joint, Get a Move On."

This picture of the droid before it leaves the base on its mission can exist as the artwork. The still of this action in cyber-space places the droid in this other dimension so it can go into recall to extend this notion for the film and this is the idea.

London Evening Standard, Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Kate Becks posing as the piece attending a West-End London event in a white lace dress making this a picture copy article, since it connects directly to the work.

Promotion Picture

Work in Progress

This picture cropped similarly to the newspaper picture goes with this picture copy article to promote this idea for the Total Recall film of hers. The wrought iron bionic structure will be galvanised silver and the armour painted silver. The black plastic Ducati petrol tank makes the core of the droid like the one she leads in the film. There will be multi-coloured wires and cables and other attachments, see-through boots and the base will be gloss black.


Some promotional toys to suggest Miss B as Andromeda:


Male of Lady Droid.