Merce is a tree-spirit from the Amazon. Constructed using galvanised steel with stainless steel and cast bronze additions, 18ft [Work in progress]

Merce at The Tanneries

Merce lit up at night

With the moon light

It shows how seeing the angel can be like having an eye-witness account of it landing in town amongst the buildings. Since the place is where I made the statue in my studio before it became developed, it can be seen as the artist's vision of the angel looking for him to get him to make it into a sculpture of his. So this will be a eulogy of the vision the artist has with the sculpture as the vision. The vision of the lost angel Merce would be invisible though and this will be encountered telepathically. Therefore the sculpture is see-through to convey this. So this should break the spell the angel is under in another dimension trapped inside the underworld the artist has discovered so that it may be seen as this invisible being and this is the idea.

Virgin of Guadelupe

This is another example of a eulogy I'm proposing Merce to be. This is of Juan Diegos vision of the Black Virgin Mary at Guadelupe in Mexico. The vision is at the old Aztec shrine where they worshipped the Goddess Tonantzin. Cortez had conquered Mexico 10 years earlier and then had problems converting the Indians to Christianity until this man's vision. When the Spanish Bishop in Mexico dismissed Juan Diego's vision, a Virgin Mary appeared on his rough hessian cloak. So a church was eventually built on the site with the cloak in a cabinet where touching the glass is touching the cloak and then the Basilica was built later.

Interestingly, the European priest amongst the pilgrims in the eulogy is bronze like the virgin. From this point of view the black virgin could also be white. I see the eulogy as the feathered serpent (high priest to the Mayans) addressing the Mayans. I think this since the Catholic Church said to me that Cortes said the feathered serpent was white and the bull horns that the icon stands on suggests a male figure. I'm not this though, probably more like the stone skeleton in the small gully to the left of the picture like a joke looking like this.