The Crystal Ship

Spaceship The Spirit, to show how technology and nature can work for the benefit of the human spirit. Installation, Plastic and Metal, found objects, 7 foot. [Work in Progress]

Krolock and Angel

My own character (Grant Carlin) is Krolock and my muse character (Kate Beckinsale) is Angel. These are the main characters in the story I wrote of the artist’s journey. The artistic journey is making the statues of her as the different characters to make this idea of the character aspects. This book is the thesis I aim to get my MA with. I am qualified to do this now and it links my work which is autobiographical with the sci-fi (made up). So all the statues of her are like this one except the oak woodcarving Angelina Tree of Veronique, my ex-girlfriend. As the main characters, these two host this meeting on the crystal ship which belongs to them.

Crystal Ship details

David and Victoria Beckham

Some of the characters that will be at the intergalactic meeting on the crystal ship to save the universe from the void. There will be thought and speech bubbles on invisible threads above all the characters.

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge

Prince William and Kate Middleton

I will still make the two figures who meet at the meeting and are from different worlds. I will reserve what they say to each other until further developments.

Hetra and Myrddin

These two characters will be in the symbiotic section in the hull of the ship as Myrddin because this is also a crystal canyon with a stream flowing in a ravine of limestone. I will use green chippings to create this mossy limestone effect and have actual model oak trees. These characters, Hetra and Myrddin will answer any questions and help people to relax from the meeting.

Elton John

Some of the characters at the intergalactic meeting will be putting on an exhibition and will have art works on the main floor of the spaceship (I will make these artworks as well).