I am a sculptor and artist, living in London since 1994.

With my work I am toying with the notion of what is real or not. The landscape that occurs in my work could be real or fantasy. Maybe you know it couldn't be real, or you might know it could be real: I don't know myself, as, if it was real, I'd be having my doubts about reality itself anyway. A clue would be that the later work could be derived from a shamanic experience. This comes across clearly in the life size sculptures. These characters are manifestations of the spirit world, clearly unreal, but I'm saying they do exist. These three sculptures work on three levels: my mythology, 'mythology'; the invisible characters in my semi-autobiographical book linking my work and linking to the further life-size sculpture ideas with the double life-size Merce, the tree character aspect.



If you are interested in buying any of the work, or would like to commission a drawing or sculpture or have any questions or comments, you can email me here: megatronicman

Here is a video of the making of Angelina, a life-sized carving made from reclaimed oak with bronze cast additions:

Angelina from Immo Horn on Vimeo.


Angelina from Immo Horn on Vimeo.