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The Crispy Duck

This manifested found piece is a tribute to crispy duck, Krolock's favourite food, so it is called you tree: Y.O.U.

2. Side View

Crispy Duck Sword

3. Back View

This shows the film aspect of the work. It is the tree stump in Flash Gordon’s 83 film where he puts his hand into the tree stump. This hurts him and is painful, but it gives him the power. So as a 14-year old viewer you think this is to avoid going through this transformation if it is this torturous, but you want the thing, so this is it, the tree stump.

4. Top View

This shows the dragon's den in the tree top where the crispy duck lives. It's floating out the door in the trunk of ‘you tree - Y.O.U.’ So this is the idea, because it's the artist's favourite food crispy duck.




This is an interchangeable piece. As it currently stands, the idea is that you are the pristine rogue trooper who is in a zone and is looking into this poisoned ‘gufforous’ bog, somewhere in the cursed earth, you must survive this. The radio station looms up with its vents like your new lungs and heart waiting for transplant, but it's this poisonous plant and this could affect us all. Then you will be the victim of the bog like the poor beast's remains.

2. Looking into the Bog

Large Lizard Remains

3. Front View

Ready for action his main aim now is fresh water and a place to set up base.


Diagram for Tree Disk

As a relief wood carving in the tree disk 1m / 80cm

This sculpture is for a relief wood carving of the theory of the formation of the asteroid belt that is a diagram. The theory is based on the scientific theory in the 80's that the solar system formed in a gas cloud that was pushed out of the solar system by the sun forming. So the idea is that the asteroid belt is the black stone, the meteorite that makes the haematite, a red paste possibly used for the red colour in rock cave painting. This is because it's the densest matter found on earth the meteorite and the haematite released by rubbing these together when wet is the finest densest particles thereby penetrating into the rock. This could be due to the finest densest particles landing on the outside of the gas cloud that has weight and then goes the other way and gets compressed into the asteroid belt at this point where the void is biggest from the gas being pushed away. So the diagram will be a relief artwork making this theory mine and this is the idea. The pyramidical points indicate the particle of haematite dust where it meets the rays of the sun at this point coming the other way. Furthermore this could suggest that it was a sudden process not gradual and this asteroid belt formed due to this impact with a light field forming it into these jagged shapes. Either way it would have gone that way, but if it is due to a sudden impact it could have gone off at a tilt to the other orbits and be the Leonids we go through twice a year. It's hard to prove if they don't say, but it could be because light = weight that this light field making the jagged shapes exists because it's pushed into the wave we see the millimetre of, the light wave.